Oppenheimer Programme in African Landscape Systems (OPALS)

Supporting coastal adaptation

This theme focuses on helping planners in coastal settlements adapt to increasing coastal hazards associated with sea level rise and storm surges in south-eastern Africa.

We are improving the accessibility, value, and utilisation of scientific information on sea level rise and storm surveys to planners in local communities making development decisions along the 600 km stretch of coastline from Durban in South Africa to Maputo in Mozambique. The project is co-led by Ricardo Safra de Campos and Andrew Cunliffe, working closely with partners at the South African Weather Service and Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique, building on a successful pilot study to empower more informed and sustainable decision making in future developments.

This project is centred on providing high quality training for an Oppenheimer Impact Scholar from Mozambique through an MSc in Global Sustainability Solutions at Exeter’s Global Systems Institute before undertaking a knowledge transfer placement with partner organizations. The impact scholar will help refine decision support tools and communication approaches to improve the exchange of information working closely with planning officials throughout the study area. By strengthening critical partnerships to develop and share a transferable model of best practice, we will increase the accessibility of climate impacts data held by national institutions.